Meet the tutor and about Hand Knitting

A very warm welcome to this Learn Hand Knitting course! Also a big thank you for choosing us to learn with.

We've included information about the course and your course tutor in the first couple of Introductions, so that you know all about them. We've also attached a Course Handbook containing requirements, pattersns, lesson outlines etc. to this and each of our subsequent lesson introductions so you always have it to hand.

For those of you who are left-handed and wish to learn to knit left-handed, we have amalgamated the lesson sections into either one or two larger videos at the end of each lesson, so you can follow those instead of the preceding right handed ones. Please do note that if you knit left-handed you may also have to alter patterns in the future to account for the shaping being on the 'wrong' side, but for this course all shaping is equal on both sides so this won't be a consideration.

Just click onto the video links throughout the lessons to get started and use the Course Handbook for patterns and material choice ideas. Happy Knitting!

Hand Knitting Course Handbook.pdf


Tutor and course originator Sally Hart
Videographer  Marj Rutter
Video Editor  David Finn
Publisher  School of Stitched Textiles ©SSTLtd2018

If you have any questions please email [email protected]

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